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Bible Study with Rev Charles Franklin instructing

Book of Acts Chapter 7 notes

 (Peter’s Ministry; Deacon Stephen)


Stephen’s sermon to the Sanhedrin 

Verse 1; The High Priest ask; “are these charges true?” (Review chapter 6 if necessary)

Verse 2- 47;  Stephen preach a Chronological Word from Abraham to Solomon.  His sermon’s purpose was to remind the Sanhedrin of who they were and where their spiritual identity derived. 

Verse 48-50;  Stephen shifts from history to a Word from history, (ref 1 Kings 8: 27) That Solomon said “no earthly Temple can contain God.  And also, the words of Isaiah 66: 1-2; where God said; “Heaven is my Throne.”

Verse 51-53; The Deacon transitions to a rebuke of the listeners and shows that Jesus to be the promised one, the Messiah, and that they murdered him. Stating that; “they received the Law but did not obey the Law because the heart of the Law is Spiritual and they ignore spiritual things.”


(Deacon Steven persecuted and killed by stoning)

Verses 54;  The Jews rushed upon Stephen and bit him to silence him.

Verses 55-56;  Stephen says nothing in his defense, but looks to Heaven calling on God to and declaring he sees Jesus Standing to Receive him into Glory.

Verse 57-58;  They drag Stephen out of the city trying to stuff their ears not to hear his testimony.

Verse 59-60;  Stephen dies pleading for God’s mercy and forgiveness upon his tormentors.  And this is the first mention of one Saul (later Paul) who approved of their actions and even held their coats.